Internal News

COVID-19 Messaging: Iowa

We wanted to get important information out to our license holders about COVID-19 and how it would affect their business as quickly as possible.  We worked with the Iowa Task Force Portal to send the alerts.  We had to utilize the templates that were provided. In the midst of this we were in the middle of changing vendors whom manage our database which contains the licensee information.

A total of 4 alerts were sent out.  Alerts were sent to counties that the information was pertinent to.  The last alert was to all 99 counties and licensees. 

    • March 13-14, 2020 46 alert templates were sent, however some were duplicates due to the system timing out.  We were unaware the messages were successfully being sent because of the time out message.  Some facilities received the alert message via voice call, email, and text multiple times (some were accidental messages sent more than once).  We also found out that some of the alert templates were test and not actual alerts. 
    • The second alert was sent May 1, 2020.  This was sent to 77 counties in 9 alert templates to facilities that would be reopening with restrictions; bars not included.  There were 11,959 recipients that received the alert. 
    • The third alert was sent on May 15, 2020.  This message was sent to 22 counties in 11 alert templates to facilities that were re-opening with restrictions: bars not included.  There were 10,497 recipients that received the alerts. 
    • The last alert was sent out May 29th, 2020.  There were 18 templates sent, each contained between 1000-3000 establishments.  All were sent an email, voice call, and text message.  All 16 templates included all 99 counties in Iowa.  The alert notified them that all restaurants and bars may reopen with restrictions.  One template sent was a test and one was a template accidentally sent twice.  There were 20,914 recipients that received the alerts.