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HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network

HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network

The Front Door to Homeland Security Information

Receive food protection and homeland security situational awareness notifications and share information with your multijurisdictional partners.   Sign up on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s webpage at:

The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’ssecure and trusted web-based portal for information sharing and collaboration between federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, private sector, and international partners engaged in the homeland security mission.  Members receive situational awareness notifications of existing or emerging threats to homeland security to help their organization prepare for any potential responses.  


To request a HSIN account, send an email to  and include the following:

  • Full name
  • e-mail address
  • Department/Organization
  • Supervisor
  • Requested Community of Interest (COI)
    • Examples:  Food and agriculture, health/public health, emergency management
  • Reason for access


What is HSIN?  - This page features 2 brief videos with several HSIN users and highlights the capabilities of HSIN and the impact the system has in connecting multijurisdictional partners.  


HSIN Fact Sheet – Two page factsheet that describes the basics of HSIN.


For more information, visit

DC Task Force provides food safety and defense concepts to DC Schools and beyond...

Members of the DC Food Protection Task Force provided Food Safety training for food service staff of District of Columbia Public Schools. This outreach covers basic food safety and defense concepts such as the Food Borne Illness Risk Factors and good manufacturing practices. The Annual DC Food Safety and Defense Conference is a one-day meeting and educational conference that brings together regulators, industry, and consumers in the Washington, DC area.  This event focuses on the food safety and defense aspects of the food service community based on overall food safety inspection reports, observations, and input from the industry and regulators. Presentations are conducted by DC and Federal regulators, as well as industry partners. During the day, participants have several opportunities to ask questions, share information, and provide feedback and input on future conferences. The following job aids such as educational posters and flyers were produced by DC and printed for industry use. 

Director’s Certificate of Merit Award

  • In addition to the educational piece, the Food Safety and Defense Conference also recognizes several local food service establishments with the DC Health Director’s Certificate of Merit Award.  The Director’s Certificate of Merit Award is presented to those DC Food Service establishments (including mobile food vendors) that do not exhibit any food borne risk factors during routine inspections. In 2018, twenty-six establishments received this award.



GA Task Force helps disseminate an employee health policy

This new resource tool is designed to help managers and employees in food service settings understand when, why and how to effectively restrict or exclude ill food service employees in order to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. The “Red Book” was designed by the Georgia Department of Public Health as a guidance document to help industry train food service employees, including a decision tree to help managers make the right call when it comes to a sick employee in the workplace. The GaDPH has been an integral part of Georgia’s Food Safety & Defense Task Force, and GaDPH used task force meetings in 2017 as the perfect platform to publicize the tool as a valuable resource for public health inspectors and industry. The template provides forms to utilize with all new hires, covering what foodborne illness is, an agreement for the employee to sign about reporting illness, and a decision tree to help managers ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements to help with inspections. This resource is an effective mitigation tool against the spread of foodborne illness by implementing a successful Employee Health Policy in food service establishments.


What are people saying about the Red Book?

“While I was standardizing one of our employees in Cobb County, during the standardization inspection, the industry representative had not yet implemented a proper employee health policy in their establishment. The inspector provided a copy of the Red Book and the industry rep exclaimed, ‘This is perfect – this is just what we need!’ As you can imagine, my face lit up! I’m very enthusiastic about more encounters like this as the Red Book becomes a common tool for inspectors to provide to industry.” –Shaun Bryant, Program Consultant, Environmental Health Section, Georgia Department of Public Health

“This has been great for my team. I am very appreciative of the Red Book because, even though we have had guidance documents like this in the past, this one hits the mark! It has been a very valuable tool for my staff and makes the topic of ‘employee health’ much simpler to explain, and is the perfect example to provide to operators in my area.” –Karen Gulley, Food Service Program Manager, Cobb County Board of Health/Environmental Health

WSDA Food Safety Taskforce and Rapid Response Team Join in Developing Recall Guidance for Local, State and Federal Partners.

WSDA disseminated the recall guidance materials to their partners at the June 2017 RRT and WA FPTF meetings.  They also provided the documents through the Washington Department of Health to all local health jurisdictions this past summer.