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    VA's Pandora Hep A Prevention

    Congratulations to Virginia on their Hep A Prevention success story.  Click Read More below:

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    AFDO Podcast: Got Task Force?

    AFDO sat down with Iowa's Jennifer Pierquet (now a member of the AFDO staff) and Jennifer Bonsky, MFRPS Coordinator and RRT Specialist Food and Dairy Division for the state of Michigan, to talk about the value of task forces

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    WA Task Force Finalizes Food Emergency Response Plan

    Washington FPTF finalized a plan that summarizes multi-agency roles and responsibilities related to all-hazards food and feed emergency response in the state.

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    HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network

    Receive food protection and homeland security situational awareness notifications and share information with your multijurisdictional partners.   

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    DC Task Force shares food safety & defense concepts

    DC Food Protection Task Force Excels at Outreach: The DC Food Protection Task Force provides basic food safety and defense concepts to District of Columbia Public Schools and beyond…

Food Protection Task Forces

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Green:FDA Funded Task Force

Welcome to the Coalition of Food Protection Task Forces homepage. Learn more about State Task Forces and how they are building and strengthening partnerships to protect and defend our food supply.  FDA Office of Partnerships offers a Task Force cooperative agreement to support convening government, industry, academia, and consumer stakeholders in food safety. Meetings funded as part of the Food Protection Task Force grant aim to foster communication, cooperation and collaboration within the States among state, local, federal and tribal food protection, public health, agriculture, and regulatory agencies.


The Coalition of FPTF programs promote communication, collaboration and integration between and amongst state FPTFs and their members, including local, state and federal public health and agriculture food regulatory agencies, law enforcement, academia, industry, consumers, state legislators and other food protection stakeholders to:

  1. Promote voluntary compliance with human and animal food laws and regulations;
  2. Prevent human and animal foodborne illness and contamination; and
  3. Improve local, state and multi-jurisdictional human and animal food emergency surveillance, response and post-response systems.

State Taskforce Presentations

To view the Food Protection Task Force Virtual Conference that was presented April 30, 2019, please click on the view recordings link.

News and Updates for State Task Forces

FDA Reopens Comment Period on General Principles for Food Standards Modernization

FDA Reopens Comment Period on General Principles for Food Standards Modernization

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reopening the comment period on a 2005 proposed rule to establish a set of general principles for the agency to use when considering whether to establish, revise or eliminate a food standard of identity. The original proposed rule was jointly published with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). To read more

AFDO - Noroviruses: Just in Time Refresher for Retail Food Industry and Regulators

We are beginning peak Norovirus season and the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) has a webinar and CDC handouts and posters online that you can use to prevent or respond to Norovirus incidents.  The webinar speakers are Dr. Aron Hall and Dr. Laura Brown from CDC, and DJ Irving from the Tennessee Department of Health. 

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